Advanced Amino Capsules 60

1 Months Supply

These capsules are designed to create a healthy, nutrient rich environment within your skin and follicles.  It contains key ingredients that are clinically proven to jumpstart hair growth and trigger collagen production for beautiful, faster growing hair and nails and more radiant glowing skin from the inside out.

These capsules are not to be taken during pregnancy, breastfeeding or when trying to fall pregnant.


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It all starts in your Skin!

The overall health, elasticity, blood circulation, collagen and even moisture within the skin plays a crucial role in the overall condition and speed of your hair growth.


These capsules create a clean and healthy, nutrient rich environment within your skin and follicles. It contains key ingredients that are clinically proven to jumpstart hair growth and trigger collagen production for beautiful, faster growing hair and nails and more radiant glowing skin from the inside out.


  1. High in anti-oxidants to remove free radicals and repair damage

  2. Improves blood circulation

  3. Boosts cell formation (collagen & keratin cells)

  4. Detoxifies and cleanses environment within the skin and follicles

  5. Improves nutrient absorption within the skin and cells

Step 1: Increase Blood Circulation

The overall health, elasticity, blood circulation and moisture within your skin plays a crucial role in the overall condition and growth speed of your hair, and nails and appearance of your skin. Our capsules are rich in Silica; the custodian of beautiful hair, skin and nails. This herbal extract increases blood circulation, collagen production and improves hydration within the skin resulting in noticeably stronger, healthier hair, skin and nails in as little as 2 weeks.


Step 2: Jumpstart Hair Growth

Free radicals are unstable molecules that build up in cells causing damage within the cells, organs and overall function of the body. Slow hair growth, dehydrated wrinkled skin and a weak immune system are just some of the signs that there is a build-up of free radicals in your body. Our capsules are rich in Grapeseed extract which has high levels of anti-oxidants that make these unstable molecules stable again. Grapeseed extract is also clinically proven to jumpstart your hair growth cycle and protect the body from premature (skin) ageing.


Step 3: Speed up Cell Duplication

Cellular duplication (mitosis) is a natural process within your hair follicles where one cell is divided into 2 identical cells. This process is triggered by an ingredient called Innositol, another key ingredient in our capsules and responsible for speeding up this process. As soon as these 2 identical cells are formed in the follicle, they dispel their nuclei causing them to die and become hard, rigid keratin cells. The more this process is triggered by our key ingredient Innositol, the more of these hard disc-shaped keratin cells are produced within your follicle forcing them to become tightly packed and get pushed up and out of your follicle and scalp, becoming visible to the naked eye as a strand of hair. This accumulation process of keratin cells is professionally referred to as cellular proliferation / keratinization, which you experience as faster growing hair.


Creating a healthy, efficient and nutrient rich environment in your skin and follicles

Step 4: The Building Blocks of Hair, Skin and Nails

Biotin is the key component in synthesising (breaking down) of amino’s and vitamins into the building material your follicles and skin need to produce keratin (hair and nails) and collagen (in your skin). Delivering a precise measure of Biotin and a specific Vitamin and Mineral formula known as our Advanced Amino Complex™ targets and increases your hair skin and nail production.

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 5,7 × 6,6 × 10 cm

1 box of capsules contains 60 capsules (2 capsules per serving for 30 days)


Take 2 Capsules every morning with water on an empty stomach.


These capsules are not to be taken during pregnancy, breastfeeding or when trying to fall pregnant.


Folic Acid
Grape Seed Extract
Horsetail Silica
All 9 essential amino acids
18 amino acids
Vit C
Vit B1, B6


Weight: 100g
Height: 100mm
Width: 66mm

55 reviews for Advanced Amino Capsules 60

  1. Jade tome

    My favourite hair supplement of all time! <3

  2. naydenevarnicker

    This product is truly worth every cent and it’s not even expensive!! My hair grew a lot and I didn’t take any special care of my hair, just did my normal hair routine and took the capsules every morning before breakfast. I LOVE this.

  3. Zianca.model@gmail.com

    Absolutely best hair growth products on the market just love it amazing brand xx best of the best

  4. michelle.jacobsz89@gmail.com

    Being a hairdresser, always having the urge to cut your hair, lead me trying out various products over the years. When I saw this I was skeptical that it wouldn’t really produce results. I asked a friend that had used it and went on her experience as I trusted where it came from, I can truly say this is the first ever product that actually shows results. The average hair growth per month is 1 cm, I’ve gotten 3cm’s in a month, That’s impressive, and to top it off, my normal hair fall has improved like crazy, me, my husband, and drain are loving it 🙂

  5. xoxojennie1@gmail.com

    Makes your hair grow crazy fast!

  6. cdpalvie

    This is truly the best supplements i have ever used for optimal hair growth. You can see results fast. Nothing compares to this.

  7. chenewilson7

    my most favourite product ! so happy to see the improvements

  8. Yumna

    I have been purchasing these capsules for over a year and can honestly say it works wonders for my hair.. It makes it so much thicker and it grew incredibly fast. Love love love

  9. Jade tome


  10. zirkie.smit

    These tablets are amazing. Before using it, my hair probably grew less than 1cm per month. My hair now grows about 3cm’s a month since I started using it. I have twice since cut my hair, which reduced the length by 12cm’s but nobody even noticed as my hair just keeps on growing. Love all the products

  11. nblouws

    My favourite product of the range. Really works!

  12. Jade tome

    Great product!

  13. tylodelcarme

    These are absolutely amazing! i am in love with it 🙂
    results are seen sooooo fast!

  14. hollyanne.t

    I like to take care of my hair with hair masks and products but these vitamins take care from the inside. And it works! Love it and would recommend.

  15. hollyanne.t

    Works very well when taken with the shake, so pleased by results!

  16. hollyanne.t

    Live that these are vegan! This company just keeps getting better

  17. hollyanne.t


  18. biancazante (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Grest results I

  19. Andréa (verified owner)

    These capsules work wonders for my hair. I cannot get enough

  20. andreabrownley (verified owner)

    Completely in love with this product. Its been doing wonders to my hair.

  21. andreabrownley (verified owner)

    In love with these capsules

  22. biancazante (verified owner)

    Work amazing really does the job.

  23. tarryn.peters07 (verified owner)

    The best supplement capsules you can get. I get so excited in the morning to take 2 capsules because everyday is one step closer to long hair goals.

  24. arina

    Works well apart from keeping the hair looking healthy

  25. arina

    Quality product – Works well apart from keeping the hair looking healthy

  26. Tanya Verdoorn (verified owner)

    Amazing product !

  27. Danika Joubert

    Amazing product.

  28. Capricorn23 (verified owner)

    This product is worth the buy! Amazing results just by using the capsules.

  29. noormohamedhajira (verified owner)

    This product is beyond amazing i have been using it for a month now and i can already see the difference in my hair

  30. Lauren Jantjies (verified owner)

    My hair has fuller the growth is amazing I totally love it.

  31. jenndebeer (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. 100% recommend to anyone trying to grow long and healthy hair. It has helped me grow my chemically damaged hair into beautiful shiny locks.

  32. Emily Phillips (verified owner)

    Brilliant product.
    My hair has never grown so fast and great condition

  33. Nicole

    Really works

  34. Teri (verified owner)

    Best hair growth supplement I’ve used!! Works really well

  35. teriward251 (verified owner)

    Best hair growth supplement I’ve used!! Works really well

  36. teriward251 (verified owner)

    Amazing product,certainly worth the buy

  37. tylodelcarme (verified owner)

    Still hooked! My hair has never been better🥰

  38. alldenegerber91

    As the name states QUICK GROW! What an awesome product been using this now only for 3 weeks and definitely seeing results! Will recommend with a smile!

  39. noormohamedhajira (verified owner)

    Have been using this for just over 4 months now and it is amazing – my hair has never grown this fast and it hardly falls like before.

  40. Roxanne William’s

    100% – My hair stood dead still for 4 whole years right above my shoulders…These pills are really wonderful. I’ve tried 5 different “hair growth pills” but it never worked @ all LITERALLY until I found out about quickgrow, I was quiet skeptical not knowing what the result would be BUT I took the chance ANYWAY…a week later I’ve noticed that my hair started growing a bit.. I was like nooo this cant be LOL until I took that before and after shot I saw the MAJOR difference. Not only with my hair but also my nails. Within 1 month my hair grew more than a few “cm”…if you ever want to try out these pills dont hang on the fence about what if it doesnt work (IT REALLY DOES WORK) 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  41. zirkie.smit

    This is definitely my favorite product. I used it continuously for 2 years and my hair grew almost 3cm per month, which is amazing. Would love to use it forever, but don’t currently have the finances. I tell everone how amazingly it works, though

  42. Amy

    The loveliest product! My hair no longer falls out in huge clumps and it’s grown like crazy. Highly recommend!

  43. Annastatia Smith (verified owner)

    Fastest hair growth product I have experienced. The capsules does really work, even if you suffer from PCOS. Hair growth is amazing but the capsule makes all the hair on your body grow.

  44. caylinmclean

    This is truly the best supplements i have ever used.

  45. Natasha Wilson (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the capsules for less than a month, along with the shampoo and conditioner and I’m already seeing results! My hairstylist was amazed by how much new hair growth there is as well as the condition of my hair. Super happy with this product 🙂

  46. candace.desfountain

    This is worth every penny, I have been using it for nearly a month only and I have seen such amazing results even though I do forget to take it on some days!!

    Would def recommend it

  47. teriward251 (verified owner)

    Best hair supplement,my hair has grown so much!!

  48. teriward251 (verified owner)

    Great product,can’t go a month without it

  49. susanbouwer1994

    I’ve heard and I’ve seened that these capsules is definitely working, so I’m also going to start using this amazing product. #superexcited🤩

  50. teriward251 (verified owner)

    Best hair growth capsules

  51. teriward251 (verified owner)

    Amazing product!

  52. teriward251 (verified owner)

    Favourite hair growth capsules

  53. susanbouwer1994

    Super excited to start using this amazing product!!!!

  54. Tiffany Botha (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for little over 2 months now and OMG…. the difference in the thickness and health of my hair is amazing!!!! My hair has grown about 2.5 cm already within the 2 months. I would defiantly definitely recommend this product to anyone with damaged or short hair, or even someone that just wants to add a little bit of length. Highly recommend.

  55. Tiffany Botha (verified owner)

    Best product to use when you want a bit more thickness, length and healthier hair. The results are amazing.
    Highly recommended.

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